4 holiday decorating safety tips from our roofing experts

November 16, 2020 at 8:00 AM
multicolored Christmas lights attached to the roof of a house by a roofing expert in West Monroe

If you plan on decorating the roof of your home this holiday season, you’ll want to take extra care in doing so. You don’t want to spend the holidays in a hospital bed because you took a tumble during the task, after all.

Here are four roof safety tips to keep in mind as you start decorating your home for the holidays — all straight from our roofing experts in West Monroe.

1. Inspect and test your lights before decorating with them

Make sure that the lights you use are ones specifically designed for outdoor use. As you inspect your lights, check that none of them have broken or cracked bulbs and don’t show any bare wires. All of these point to fire hazards that can be easily avoided.

Once you’ve ensured that all your lights are safe to use, untangle them and test them out while you’re still on the ground. Plug them into the outlets you plan on using and look for any sections that don’t light up.

Following this procedure ensures that the lights you have actually work. You don’t want to finish decorating your roof only to find out they’re busted — which forces you to work doubly hard to take down the lights and put up the replacements.

2. Check for the safety and stability of your ladder

Ensure that the ladder you plan to use is the right height to reach your roof. You’ll also want to check that it’s sturdy and durable enough to carry both your weight as well as the weight of the decorations you’ll be carrying.

Before you set foot on the ladder, make sure that it’s positioned on stable, even ground to prevent it from tipping over.

3. Don’t attach decorations to the shingles on your roof

Attach your decorations securely, of course, but make sure to use hooks instead of other methods to attach them to the roof.

Don’t use nails or staples to attach them to the shingles, as this can create holes in your roof that can then lead to water damage — an even bigger problem that will eventually require a roofing expert to repair.

When you’ve finished securing your decorations, make sure your lights run snugly against your home. This prevents them from tangling or getting caught on something.

4. Put up your decorations on a clear day

Although putting up your decorations at night can be tempting, especially if you’re itching to see how the finished product will turn out, you’ll want adequate light to help you see your work.

Set up your decorations in the morning or early afternoon, ideally when it’s not windy, raining, or snowing. This will give you the visibility and secure footing you need to make the task easier (and safer).

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