Your Roof was Damaged in a Storm - Now What? Understanding Roof Repair Costs

February 9, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Learn about common roof repair costs and how to prevent them.

As a homeowner, severe weather brings more than just extreme precipitation and gale-force winds. Storms also cause concern for the safety of your property, damage to your home, and the eventual cost of roof repair. Louisiana is no stranger to severe storms. Over time, moderate damage to your roof can add up to expensive, overdue repairs and even roof replacement.

Leaks and water damage may not be visible to the untrained eye until they’re severe and are affecting your home’s interior. Keep reading to understand typical roof repair costs and how to mitigate them for your home.

Some common types of damage storms inflict on roofs.

Luckily, in Louisiana, we don’t have to worry about blizzards, frozen pipes, and extreme winter storms. But we still have to deal with plenty of other sources of roof damage. Over the year, our roofs take a beating, often unseen. Consider these common types of storm damage:

  • Hail: when hail is severe enough, it can crack roof tiles or even break them in half.
  • Tornadoes and severe winds: while strong winds on their own can lift roof tiles, they also carry debris. The impact from detritus in a storm can do substantial damage to roofs.
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms: add torrential precipitation to severe winds, and your roof can sustain an array of damage from broken tiles to clogged gutters causing flooding inside your home.

Schedule a free inspection with a local roofing company if you’re concerned about visible or unseen damage in your home following a storm. RainTight Roofing is a licensed insurance adjuster with experience in evaluating roof damage.

The average roof repair cost homeowners pay for storm damage.

On average, a homeowner can expect to pay $700 to repair their roof following a storm. That figure can include anything from damaged gutters to broken or missing roof tiles or interior damage to your home. The kind of roof you have affects that number significantly:

  • Asphalt: $1 to $5/square foot: these tiles are the least expensive to replace but sustain damage easier than other types of tile.
  • Metal: $7.50 to $15/square foot: whether you have metal roof tiles or sheet metal affects the cost.
  • Tile: $4 to $16/square foot: clay tile offers better protection against storm damage. However, it’s vulnerable to impact from hail or wind debris and difficult to replace.

For many roofs, you often can’t see the damage with an untrained eye.

Asphalt tiles hide their damage. You can’t always see the fine granules on the tile scraped off from wind, rain, or hail. When that happens, the tiles stop performing as well. They reflect less light and lose their waterproof capabilities.

Metal tiles and sheet metal are vulnerable to impact, leading to dents and - over time - cracks. Even moderate damage from hail can cause flooding into your home.

Clay tile roofs are resistant to storm damage from wind and water. But they can sustain damage from hail. They’re dangerous to walk on without training and equipment.

Following a severe storm, get in touch with a local roofing company, like RainTight Roofing, for an experienced professional to evaluate your roof for damage and explain the potential costs for roof repair.

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