Leaky Roof? 5 Tips from Roofing Contractors in West Monroe, LA

June 13, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Roof repaired by roofing contractors in West Monroe, LA.

A leaky roof is among the most inconvenient and costly problems you can face in your home.

Although it’s one of those issues that can easily make you panic, you’ll find it a lot easier to keep calm when you know the steps you need to take.

Since RainTight Roofing helps homeowners with leaky and damaged roofs throughout the twin cities of Louisiana, we thought you could benefit from our tips.

Here’s how to deal with a leaky roof, straight from qualified roofing contractors in West Monroe, LA.

1. Limit water damage to property.

First, make sure to move all possessions away from the leaky area. Start with electrical appliances and furniture since they are the most vulnerable. Then, depending on what room it is, you can proceed with moving bedding, clothing, and other belongings.

And it’s possible that you need a covering for your floor, depending on how prone it is to moisture damage. The same goes for carpets, especially since some fabrics trap moisture, resulting in an unpleasant and stubborn mildew smell.

If there’s any reason why you can’t get your roof repaired immediately, you’ll need emergency tarping. And you require it more urgently if it’s the rainy season or there’s a storm coming. RainTight Roofing provides emergency tarping in Monroe and West Monroe, so get in touch if that describes your situation.

2. Relieve water pressure.

If you’re noticing a sagging bulge on your ceiling, you’re looking at a spot where rainwater is collecting. You can’t let the pool get bigger because if it does, it will spread and cause damage to a larger area of your ceiling. And, once that section of the ceiling can no longer hold together, it will burst and scatter the water across the room.

You can use a screwdriver to delicately puncture the lowest point where the ceiling is sagging. Of course, have a container underneath. At least this way the rainwater is easier to control.

3. Gather evidence for insurance.

You might need to file a home insurance claim if the damage is eligible. So be sure to take pictures showing the scale and extent of the roof damage. The documentation will serve as evidence to support your claim and ensure you receive compensation that matches your losses.

Once you find a roofing contractor in West Monroe, LA, you’ll have additional help with gathering the supporting documents you need to file a claim.

4. Find roofing contractors in West Monroe, LA.

The most important stage is finding a reliable roofing contractor. Skilled and experienced contractors will ensure that the job is done right at the first attempt. As a homeowner, this saves you significant amounts of money as there’s no going back and forth with additional repairs.

At a minimum, make sure each roofing contractor you speak to is licensed.

And check for licenses other than those required to perform repairs. For example, RainTight Roofing is also a licensed comprehensive property adjuster. That means we are qualified to perform inspections that determine the total restoration costs before you file a claim.

Also, find out what kind of repairs each company offers. Pay special attention to crucial ones such as framing, simple carpentry, and wood rot replacement. It’s even more convenient if the company offers others such as exterior and interior repainting.

5. Keep your roof strong with regular maintenance.

Finding the right contractor also makes it possible to reduce the chances of dealing with a leaky roof down the line. And that’s because a qualified company can provide you with gutter cleaning and repair and other roof maintenance services.

Restore your home today with qualified and licensed roof contractors in West Monroe, LA

RainTight Roofing is a licensed and qualified company that can help restore your roof for the very long term. And we can help with everything from performing an assessment before your claim to carrying out the actual repairs.

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