How Frequently You Should Have Roofing Inspections in Monroe

August 4, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Roofing in Monroe, LA.

Do you know that you can get roofing inspections for free in Monroe?

Yes, our team at Rain Tight Roofing can visit your property and perform a thorough inspection — completely with our compliments.

That makes getting roofing inspections pretty much obvious. But how regular should they be so your roof stays strong and tight?

That’s the question we’re answering today.

Minimum number of times to have your roof inspected

You should have your roof inspected at least once a year to ensure that it’s in reasonably good condition.

But keep in mind that that’s simply the general minimum. If you can schedule more inspections than that, it’s best to do so. Water damage, punctures, blocked drainage, and other issues can become significantly more severe in a few months.

Some occurrences and circumstances make it necessary to have your roof inspected with greater frequency. Here are the most common:

After (possible) storm damage

Even if you’re not sure that a heavy storm has ruined your roof, schedule an inspection so you can know. Remember this for the stormy season, when there’s a risk of problems developing without homeowners noticing.

In terms of frequency, inspections that are several weeks apart can help spot issues early.

Go a step farther and schedule an inspection even before the stormy season. That can expose vulnerabilities to address before violent weather arrives. As a result, your roof and your home’s exterior are thoroughly prepared to withstand harsh conditions.

Following repairs or installation

Your roof may have been repaired recently. And so you may think that since it’s still freshly installed, it ought to be strong. If the installation is of high quality, that may be so.

But the weeks and months following an installation can reveal errors. Fixing them when they’re easier to remedy means thousands of dollars saved down the road.

An inspection every couple of months following an installation is prudent and highly advised.

As the roof ages

An aging roof requires more attention than a new one. So instead of the once-yearly minimum, consider three or four inspections a year.

However, if you want to maximize your roof’s lifespan, get into the habit early. A well-maintained roof will take longer to require full replacement. During your time with it, you also face fewer conveniences in the form of leaks, rust, worn-out shingles, and numerous other common problems.

When there are visible signs of damage

Curling shingles, sagging and drooping, or vegetation on the roof are signs that call for immediate attention. Even if the last inspection wasn’t so long ago, schedule another one urgently if you see something troubling.

It’s best to throw out rules of thumb when there could be a possible hazard.

When checking for signs of damage, don’t neglect your home’s interior. Pay attention to moisture marks, damp spots, and leaks in the attic. Energy bills that have inexplicably spiked can also point to a roof in need of repairs.

Also, don’t take any signs you see at face value and estimate the potential damage yourself. Some signs may suggest minor damage when, to a trained eye, a serious problem may be developing. And the professional equipment we use helps us see what the damage is with accuracy.

Know your roof’s condition today with a free roofing inspection in Monroe.

Knowing the state of your roof won’t cost you a thing with our team at Rain Tight Roofing. Take this chance to understand what’s necessary for your roof to offer your family safety and comfort. And find out what needs fixing early so it doesn't grow more inconvenient and expensive.

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