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Bad Weather Restoration BWR ; formerly RainTight Roofing prior
Comprehensive Property Adjuster State Lic # 617399 -Brian Thigpen, M.S.
Best of the Delta 2020
  1. Medlin's of West Monroe
  2. RainTight Roofing Inc

    Welcome to a new era of service and quality.  Bad Weather Resoratation, formerly RainTight Roofing, has integrated its claims management and network service lines to provide property owners with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.
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Bad Weather Claims Services

Brian Thigpen, M.S.
Founder, Raintight Roofing, Inc.
Contrtactor Lic #563169
Licensed Comprehensive Property Adjuster Lic #617399

No property owner should file a claim before they have the property inspected by a trusted and qualified company.

Here are just a few services Bad Weather Restorations provides to Louisiana homeowners:

  • Determine if the property sustained storm damage and the restoration cost to bring the property back to its pre-storm condition.
  • Understanding Repairs vs Replacement and your options considering your deductable which you will pay using our professional services.
  • Photo documentation, written reports, and estimates for the true scope needed to restore or improve your property.

Our experience in handling claims could be the difference between your claim being denied or unpaid.

First and foremost, we represent your interests and help you make informed decisions. If you have coverage for your loss, we can help you navigate the insurance process and understand each step of the journey.

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Storm Damage Restoration
It's our niche

Licensed and Insured. That means something.

monroe la hurricane damage<br/>
Some of our service include

Industrial / Commerical Solutions

Residential/ New Construction / Restoration

Emergency Tarping

Roofing: inspection repairs replacement maintenance plans available for commerical and Industry.

Gutters: cleaning . repair . replacement

Framing, simple carpentry, wood rot replacement

Painting exterior interior

Siding : repair / replacement

Flooring instaluation and bathroom remodeling

Lifetime workmanship warranty - we're not just confident we're good and We'll back it up in writting not lip service

Claim Handling - It's kinda our thing
-meet the adjuster
-free upgrades
-supplementing for you; saving you hours
-5 year workmanship warranty
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We provide timely and professional services for commerical and residential roofing services (repair vs replacement), as well as emergency repairs for Storm Damage. Fully licensed and Insured

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Find out why in 2019 our West Monroe location earn distinction from our peers and was voted #1 Best Customer Service in 2019 for a roofing company and was mentioned as one of the "Best of Delta" Roofing Company in 2018
monroe la storm damage<br/>